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Paul Grech Sunday, December 21, 2008
Some fifteen years ago, a friend of mine who knew how passionate I was about football suggested my name to Silvio Catania, the then sports editor of the Maltese weekly IL-GENS, who in turn agreed that to a regular contribution on Maltese football.

Thus came about the realisation of one of my dreams: that of seeing my work published.

Privately, I’d long been writing about sports. My mother still has a number of copybooks on which as a kid - I was probably in my early teens when I started doing this - I would write match reports from games that I'd seen on television.

I don't know where this passion for writing comes from. My grandfather used to say that the great Maltese writer Francis Ebejer was his cousin (one day perhaps I’ll research my family tree to see whether this is true) so that's a possible reason. It surely doesn’t come from my parents, who are neither into writing and much less interested in sports. Yet here I am, fifteen years on still passionately writing about it.

Over the years there have been many wonderful experiences: being asked to write a chapter in a book, meeting some of my heroes, seeing my first article in The Times, the first time I had a piece published in a foreign magazine, reporting about my team's - Birkirkara - first ever league title; all of them great memories.

Today I write for a number of publications as well as trying to maintain three blogs of my own: A Liverpool Thing which is the outlet for all the frustrations that come from following Liverpool FC, Malta Athletics where I try to keep anyone interested updated about what’s happening in Maltese athletics and the sadly neglected blog about Italian football Il Re Calcio.

Which brings me to this site. Initially, I would photocopy every article of mine that was published and bind them together every six months or so. Sadly, I lapsed from that habit - modestly, the sheer volume and frequency of articles made that impracticable - which is why I dreamed up this site: a place where I could store and share my best work as well as talk about future projects.

Hope that it is of interest and keep the comments flowing.

PS: This site is dedicated to Silvano who helped me get started all those years ago.


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