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(Not) Lost in Translation

Paul Grech Thursday, November 5, 2009
Sometimes I find myself wondering why I do this. Writing, that is. I have a fairly demanding job as well as a family to handle so that means that there is very little free time for myself. Hence the question as to why I spend most of that time writing for so very little return rather than relaxing.

Most of the time I don't have an answer but then, occasionally, something unexpected happens that provides the answer (and inspiration) that I'm looking for.

That is what happened recently when I was contacted by some Liverpool fans in Russia asking whether they could use a couple of my articles which they wanted to translate into their native tongue. Which is why you can now read my articles in Russian.


Ingumsky said...

And that's the RSS-feed, Paul! All your articles translated and currently available under "Paul Grech's blog" tag.
There's not too many though but I currently work on "The lad can play: Eccleston".

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