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Blueprint According To...Jason Withe

Paul Grech Wednesday, June 4, 2014 , ,
It is never easy when you’re trying to make a name in your father’s world, especially when your father was a legend.   This is true in any walk of life – how many have taken up a profession because that is what their father did, only to find themselves crushed by the expectation? – but perhaps even more so in sport where one’s abilities and achievements are so public.   Often, these comparisons end up crippling one’s development and killing any chances of their own achievements being judged on their own merit.

At least that is how it looks from the outside.   Because I’ve rarely found any bitterness or resentment when talking to sons of famous players.  Instead there is an appreciation that their upbringing gave them an insight into the world of football that others were not privy to.

That is also the case with Jason Withe, the son of European Cup winner - a scorer of the winner in the final - Peter Withe.   Indeed, he’s had a career with which he’s very satisfied and has managed to build on the experiences that he’s had in order to forward his coaching career.   He’s looked at every coach he’s had and taken from them the lessons that he felt were valid to him.

Now he’s paying it back by being on an FA Mentor, the role created to provide upcoming coaches with guidance should they feel the need for it.   Surprisingly, there are many that feel that they don’t need such assistance just as there are many coaches who do not feel the need to constantly educate themselves.

Not Jason, however, for whom education has been a constant throughout his professional life and for whom this is a cornerstone of his blueprint for the game.

The full interview is available on Blueprint According To...


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