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The Italian Job

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Latest issue of Eleven magazine includes my feature on the transformation of Massimo Allegri from a figure of fun to a Champions League finalist (and double winner, of course).

More than that, it deals with the way that Italian football views coaches and how failure doesn’t necessarily see them branded as a bad coach (contrary to what happens in other countries like England).

Libraries Are Forever (Hopefully)

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The chaos has become strangely familiar although I doubt that it will ever lose its edge of tension. The frantic rummaging through book shelves, bags, sofas and anywhere that a book could physically lodge into heralds, in our house at least, a trip to the library.

Invariably, my kids are always thrilled with these trips. They love running through the various shelves filled with books and their contained wisdom, knowing that they can pick up any one they like and take it home with them. Often they go for the regulars, those which in a way provide them with the greatest comfort, but there’s always some new fascinating find to excite them.

And that is why libraries are for me such a fabulous institution.

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Rodrigo Ely – AC Milan’s Brazilian Gamble

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Despite all the barriers that FIFA and UEFA try to put up to prevent big clubs from stockpiling players, it is unlikely that they will ever be successful. The potential economic benefit is quite simply too large for rich (mainly) European sides not to try and benefit.

They easily afford spending a couple of millions on a handful of prospects in the hope that one of them either comes good or can be sold on. And usually, most of them can be sold on purely because they’ve been schooled by a big club, even though in reality often the schooling is very minimal.

The flip side of this argument is that of those clubs who can lay claim to infinitely less resources. They can try to hold on to a promising player in the hope that he becomes so good that he can delight the fans and leading the club to success. If that happens they will not only win but also probably be in a position to sell him on – when the time comes – for a far greater fee.

The truth is that most prefer to take the money now, thank you very much. A prospect might turn out to be a great player, true, but he might just as much suffer a serious injury playing a relatively meaningless game. Or simply not fulfil his potential. The risk is often far too high for them so they end up selling as soon as an offer comes in.

And that is if they’re lucky. Some end up losing players through the various loopholes that exist, receiving pitiful amounts as compensation if any.

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The benefit of having kids few will tell you about

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Having kids is a wonderful, life-defining experience. Sure, life gets much tougher, complicated, costly and, ever so often, painful – and anyone who has stepped on a mislaid Lego piece at night will confirm just how painful it can be. But think back at your life since your children came into it and most of the best memories will invariably include them.

And apart from the emotional, gooey stuff ever parent talks (and talks …) about, there is one great side benefit that few willingly admit to. So, if you’re a parent – particularly of the male variety – listen carefully because no other blog will tell you this: having children provides you with the perfect excuse to buy things that you wouldn’t otherwise allow yourself to buy.

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Working With Merlin

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Delighted to announce that over the summer months I will be publishing a series of articles on the Merlin Publishers blog, by far the publishers of my favourite Maltese books.

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