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[Interview] Femmetastic

Paul Grech Thursday, February 23, 2017 , , ,
Some interviews can be tough.  There are people who are prone to clamming up; offering monosyllabic answers regardless of how hard you try to put them at ease.  It is even more frustrating if you know that there’s a really good story waiting to be told if only they’d give you something to work with.

This was not such an interview; in fact it was quite the opposite.  The two young women who sat opposite me in a caf√© in Naxxar exuded confidence and both were extremely eloquent in their replies.  Caroline Spiteri and Francesca Mercieca, who perform together under the name Fuzzhoneys, are two musicians who know their mind and don’t shy away from expressing it.

So it was a bit of a surprise when Francesca admitted that she can suffer from nerves when she has to perform.  Which, given that she is the lead singer, can something of a problem.

“During live performances I get so excited, there is so much adrenalin flowing, that sometimes I have to look at videos of our gigs to really appreciate what went on.”

The full interview can be read on Snapshots of Malta.


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