[Featured Article] Twitter Feedback March 2017

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[Interview] A Passion For Technical Coaching

Three years ago I spoke to Ben Trinder about his blueprint for the game.  At the time he was still relatively early in his coaching journey but had delivered an important tool to coaches worldwide with the establishment of the Coaching Family twitter feed.  That is still going strong (there are now more than 50,000 followers) and, happily, so too is Ben himself although time and experience have helped shape his views even further.

The full interview can be read on Blueprint for Football.

[Interview] The Training Requires Disciplines and Focus

Athletics, like a lot of so-called secondary sports, faces a constant struggle against the behemoth that is football.  Boys and, increasingly, girls are more likely to pick the sport which they see most frequently being relayed on televisions - football - than anything else regardless of where their talent truly lies.

Sometimes, however, they make a different choice.  Dario Mangion is a case in point although his story is not that straightforward.

The full article can be read on Snapshots of Malta.

[Featured Article] Fusing fine art and documentation

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One of the best aspects of good art is that it forces you to think about different ideas. Artists can capture various thoughts and present them in a manner that challenges conventional thinking. Sometimes that process can be assisted by bringing in outside influences who, through their unfamiliarity with the scenery, can result in fresh ways of looking at things.

It is this belief that has resulted in the Blitz Residency Programme. “It was created to facilitate a long-term, international artistic cultural ex­change, while fortifying our role as cultural incubator and advocate organisation for contemporary art practice in Malta,” explains Nicole Bearman, programme director at the Valletta-based art space Blitz.


[Blogging] Books As The Antidote

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The term “fake news” is ubiquitous these days. Everyone has heard it and we’ve started peppering our conversations with it too. Occasionally we’ve even started believing this fake news business too.

Of course, this is nothing new. A look at history books confirms this. For one thing, history is written by the victors and these tend to be a bit economic with the facts which don’t exactly paint them in a glorious light.  An examination of the propaganda output preceding and during World War II also reveals a shocking amount of mistruth.
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