[Interview] Writing for All Generations

Paul Grech Monday, July 31, 2017 , , ,
Have you ever seen those motivational posters that show an iceberg with the tip above water and the bulk beneath?  It is a reference to the hard work that goes into any success story which most people never get to see.  Perhaps unsurprisingly that was the image that came to my mind as Rita Saliba, one of Malta’s most prolific authors, was describing her writing process.

“Whenever I’m writing, regardless of whether it is a full length novel or a short story,” she explains.  “I have to do a lot of research.  If I’m writing about someone who is into beekeeping then I have to learn about that hobby.  So before I write that story I go out and research about beekeeping even if most of what I learn doesn’t make it into the story.  That knowledge gives depth to the characters and that knowledge remains with you.”

The full interview with Rita Saliba can be read on Snapshots of Malta.
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