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[Interview] Creativity In Perpetual Motion

Paul Grech Friday, September 8, 2017 , , ,
There is a huge and constant debate over creativity; how some people seem to have an imagination that brings forth countless new ideas whilst others struggle to do anything that is remotely original.  Inevitably the attention of such a discussion turns to children who all seem naturally creative but eventually have that capacity educated out of them.

Whether this is a discussion in which she has been involved before or not, Lisa Falzon puts forward an argument that is very much along those lines when she has to answer question over her development as an artist.

“There was no spark of interest particular to me as if I was born with a special talent - all kids draw,” she states.  “All children draw if given a set of crayons, one of the first thing they figure out is fun to do - after eating them - is using them to leave a mark somewhere. A lot of childhood play is based around make-believe and on-the-fly creativity and role playing.”

She then goes on to turn the tables.  “I just never grew out of this interest in self-expression. Instead of asking me why I draw I should ask you, why did you stop drawing?”

The full interview with Lisa Falzon can be found on Snapshots of Malta.


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