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Unexpected Feedback from High Up

Paul Grech Thursday, August 30, 2018
I was pretty happy with this piece I wrote on AS Roma and thought that it was a quite insightful look at their strategy. I hoped people would like it but you can never really tell in advance.

What I certainly never expected was to receive an e-mail from Jim [James] Pallotta*, Roma's billionaire owner to write to me telling me he appreciated the analysis, where he felt I was off and in general mentioning other areas that they were working on. Still astounded, to be honest.

* Yes, it really is him. I checked.


Long Term Vision the blueprint for AS Roma’s success

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When the American billionaire of Italian origin, James Pallotta, purchased AS Roma in 2014, he tried to say the right thing: how he had been falling in love with the club he had part-owned and stressing his desire to do well. And yet, for all his visible ambition, he very skillfully avoided making any concrete promises about the vision of AS Roma. Perhaps he had seen other rich American businessmen be attracted by the European game only to be shunned when it turned out that their pockets weren’t as deep as the fans had hoped. Those experiences highlighted the need to rein in expectations so that he could better deliver his vision.

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How Futsal is shaping modern day footballers

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One of the more lasting stereotypes in world football relates to Brazilian players and how they come to develop the skills that are a hallmark of their game.  Many still believe that Brazilian boys spend most of the day playing on sandy beaches or the narrow streets of the favelas and it is there that their ability to command the ball to do their bidding comes from.

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Don’t panic: The story of Juventus and mastering transition

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Paul Pogba leaving Juventus at the peak of his powers defined the club’s biggest achilles heel over the last decade. And yet, it didn’t put a brake on their progress as a team. Art by Revant Dasgupta.
When rumours of the manager Juventus had chosen as the Antonio Conte’s replacement first started to emerge, they were written off as ridiculous.

The fiery former midfielder had brought success back to Juventus, winning three consecutive league titles in as many seasons as managers.  So when he left the club was once again the leading one in Italy, status which allowed it the privilege to choose any top manager they wanted to replace him.

Which is what made the eventual choice of Massimiliano Allegri such an apparently ludicrous appointment.  True, he had led AC Milan to a league title yet eventually he had become a figure of ridicule there. By the time he left, he was criticised for everything from his tactical inflexibility to the way in which he spoke.

His reputation lay in tatters.  And yet, contrary to most, Juventus saw something in him.

A Literary World Cup

The World Cup is just around the corner which means four weeks of seriously good football. This has, of course, seen an increase in the number of books that discuss the World Cup. Which essentially means I’m in my element and eager to share my discoveries.

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