Twitter Feedback: August 2018

Paul Grech Friday, August 31, 2018 , ,

Unexpected Feedback from High Up

Paul Grech Thursday, August 30, 2018
I was pretty happy with this piece I wrote on AS Roma and thought that it was a quite insightful look at their strategy. I hoped people would like it but you can never really tell in advance.

What I certainly never expected was to receive an e-mail from Jim [James] Pallotta*, Roma's billionaire owner to write to me telling me he appreciated the analysis, where he felt I was off and in general mentioning other areas that they were working on. Still astounded, to be honest.

* Yes, it really is him. I checked.


Long Term Vision the blueprint for AS Roma’s success

Paul Grech Saturday, August 18, 2018 , , , ,
When the American billionaire of Italian origin, James Pallotta, purchased AS Roma in 2014, he tried to say the right thing: how he had been falling in love with the club he had part-owned and stressing his desire to do well. And yet, for all his visible ambition, he very skillfully avoided making any concrete promises about the vision of AS Roma. Perhaps he had seen other rich American businessmen be attracted by the European game only to be shunned when it turned out that their pockets weren’t as deep as the fans had hoped. Those experiences highlighted the need to rein in expectations so that he could better deliver his vision.

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