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[Featured Article] Twitter Feedback April 2017

Paul Grech Sunday, April 30, 2017 , , ,

[Interview] A Goalkeeper's Life: Influence, Anxiety & Normality

Paul Grech Tuesday, April 18, 2017 , , , ,
Most often what people remember of goalkeepers is their mistakes.  Of all the positions in the game of football it is undeniably the harshest because one error can overshadow all the good work that one might do through the rest of the ninety minutes.

And yet, for those called to the role, there is nothing better.   “I wanted a better chance to influence whether my team won or lost,” says Justin Bryant a former professional goalkeeper, current goalkeeper coach and author of the book 'Small Time: A Life in the Football Wilderness.'

”When I was a young player, I got tired of losing games because whoever had reluctantly gone in goal kept letting the ball dribble through his hands. After that happened two or three times, I volunteered, and never looked back.”

The full interview can be read on Blueprint for Football.

[Featured Article] Twitter Feedback March 2017

Paul Grech Friday, March 31, 2017 , , ,

[Interview] A Passion For Technical Coaching

Three years ago I spoke to Ben Trinder about his blueprint for the game.  At the time he was still relatively early in his coaching journey but had delivered an important tool to coaches worldwide with the establishment of the Coaching Family twitter feed.  That is still going strong (there are now more than 50,000 followers) and, happily, so too is Ben himself although time and experience have helped shape his views even further.

The full interview can be read on Blueprint for Football.

[Interview] The Training Requires Disciplines and Focus

Athletics, like a lot of so-called secondary sports, faces a constant struggle against the behemoth that is football.  Boys and, increasingly, girls are more likely to pick the sport which they see most frequently being relayed on televisions - football - than anything else regardless of where their talent truly lies.

Sometimes, however, they make a different choice.  Dario Mangion is a case in point although his story is not that straightforward.

The full article can be read on Snapshots of Malta.
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